Why marketing cake?

It’s fluffy and delicious! Who doesn’t like cake? But, the meaning goes deeper…

Cake is celebratory!

Cake is symbolic of a big hurrah. Marketing is a lot of little celebrations of your brand, your product, and your customers. Storytelling is about creating something memorable out of the mundane. So let’s light a candle and shine.

Yet—cake is complicated.

While modern conveniences claim to have removed the complexity from baking a cake, just like with marketing, technology and innovation only gets you so far. You can’t automate away the emotion that goes into great copywriting, or the instinct behind the boldest campaign strategies. There’s a lot of practice that goes into perfecting your technique, and pro tips certainly make it easier. The right tools for measuring make for consistent, repeatable results.

And now for the icing…

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Kristin Ides 🧁
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